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Protection against electronic extortion

StarForce has created an elegant solution to save users from the new type of internet fraud, known as ďransom-wareĒ.

Internet community lately has been struck with a new type of extortion plot: the hacker breaks into the userís system bypassing or neutralizing security and encrypts vital files, locking them with a password. To open such a file, the owner is requested to transfer a certain amount of money to the attacker, and, naturally, the bigger the value of the stolen data is, the more outrageous is the pricing.

While other antivirus and security firms are updating their protective software for companies and consumers that already suffered from such an attack (dubbed ďransom-wareĒ by the experts), StarForce, the respected international provider of anti-piracy, DRM and IT security technologies, has come up with a prepared solution to fight this new threat.

Safe'n'Sec, the next generation technology providing intelligent security, is designed to protect usersí systems against hacker intrusions and new viruses, guarding the userís valuable documents, photographs, spreadsheets, and any other type of data.

When a threat of intrusion is detected, SafeíníSec will prohibit all attempts of the extorter to get access to the userís information. Based on the advanced and clever Intrusion Prevention mechanism, SafeíníSec will provide three layers of security, spoiling the criminalís plan: SafeíníSec will block every attempt to install a Trojan software in the system, prevent activation of the data encoding module of the hacker, and then prohibit the access of ransom-ware to the userís files.

Utilizing the behavioral analysis patterns, Safe'n'Sec represents a revolutionary breakthrough for the protection solutions, it is capable of providing elaborate defense against the newborn viruses, insidious spyware and Trojans, hacker attempts, data theft and even the common mistakes. Anticipating attacks which are yet to come, SafeíníSec protects the computer in the most crucial period of time, required for antivirus companies to deliver that critical update.

About Safe'n'Sec:

Safe'n'Sec is an innovative intrusion prevention system effective against hackers, zero-day viruses, Trojans, spyware, data theft and common mistakes.
The efficiency of this preventive solution does not degrade with emergence of new threats since it is not signature based. Therefore it is constantly ready for service and not sensitive to the frequency of the updates.

About StarForce Technologies:

StarForce Technologies is a leading provider of software protection solutions designed to fight piracy and assist software developers and publishers to effectively protect their intellectual property and safeguard their revenues. In the area of information security the company offers highly efficient solutions to protect valuable data of individual users and companies against theft or damage by hackers, malware or user mistakes. StarForce Technologies is well-known among industry professionals for its state of the art software-and-hardware-level encryption technologies and preventive security technologies. The company provides a broad range of high-quality and cost-effective protection and licensing solutions for business, educational, and entertainment applications, and offers innovative host-based intrusion prevention systems.


May 31, 2005

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