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2005 remains the year of new PC threats tremendous growth!

Year 2005 turned to be rich in natural disasters as well as powerful virtual shakes. For ex. such ďsurprisesĒ for PC users as the grand scandal with Sony BMG root kits or blazing attack of Zotob worm on information & telecommunication monsters CNN, ABC News, The New York Times etc. The depressing tendency of the past 2005 year is the disastrous growth of targeted hacker attacks!

The evidence of this tendency is the annual report of Sophos on the most relevant problems of IT security released in December 2005. During 2005 there was an unprecedented 48% growth new kinds of PC threats targeted hacker attacks in particular! According to Sophos experts this tremendous growth is caused by extremely high interest of criminal groups to malware development for the purpose of fast and easy money. Attacking only the selected victims cyber-criminals use specially ordered codes to raise the chance of getting round security systems. Besides the percent of malware including spy modules has grown from 54,2% in January to 66,4% at the end of the year. This means the shift of malware developers attention from mass attacks to the targeted ones.

StarForce offers an efficient way of combating the most damaging threats of 2005. According to its own experience of software protection against hackers and computer pirates StarForce has developed the family of software solutions SafeíníSec providing PC and corporate networks protection from hacker attacks which use mass malicious codes as well as specialized malware and tools of PC breaking. Key SafeíníSec benefits are providing secure work in Internet; protection from the most relevant threats Ė spyware, hacker attacks, information theft, internal threats; minimum RAM usage (2%); compatibility with traditional security software.

About SafeíníSec technology

SafeíníSec provides reliable protection against all types of external and internal threats. Analyzing system applications activity SafeíníSec makes a decision about the malicious actions of application and blocks the attack in an initial stage on basis of some behavioral rules. Thus spyware having reached your PC will be blocked before starting its intelligence in computer environment.

About StarForce Technologies

StarForce Technologies was founded in 1998. StarForce is an acknowledged expert in PC games, educational and business software protection. Since 2004 StarForce publishes HIPS solutions for PC and corporate networks protection from unauthorized excess. StarForce Technologies has opened offices in Europe, North America, China and the CIS region with corporate headquarters based in Moscow, Russia...


January 13, 2006

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