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S.N. Safe&Software Ltd. takes control over SafeíníSec project!

Russia, Moscow 15 May 2006. S.N. Safe&Software Ltd. is pleased to inform all SafeíníSec users it starts moving SafeíníSec project that has spin-off from StarForce Technologies.

S.N. Safe&Software Ltd. has received full rights on SafeíníSec software development, promotion and sales on the international market as well as in Russia, SafeíníSec birth place. From now on the company is responsible for extending SafeíníSec product line, software updating, clients technical support, SafeíníSec marketing and sales activities. All information concerning SafeíníSec software is presented on the companyís web site

ďThe product seems to be very promising as proactive PC protection becomes more and more relevant on the worldís IT security marketĒ says international sales manager Evgenia Naumova. ďThus we are expecting really good results and profits growth in the nearest future. At the moment our company actively develops international distributorsí networkĒ

About SafeíníSec

SafeíníSec provides the inner PC environment security as well as secure Internet navigation. The program occupies minimum HDD (20 Mb) and uses no more than 2% processor resources as it doesnít depend on signature updates. Being compatible and successfully supplementing other IT security software SafeíníSec provides constant and reliable PC protection.

About S.N.Safe&Software Ltd.

S.N.Safe&Software Ltd. was founded in 2006 by group of independent investors and since 2006 is successful in selling SafeíníSec proactive PC protection system in Russia and abroad. The company has already got a number of international SafeíníSec distributors.


May 15, 2006

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