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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

With the rise of online sales, SafeíníSec has started to speak German.

StarForce Technologies, the developer of† Safe'n'Sec, came to the market with a localized product version. From now on the ultimate utility to protect computers from unknown viruses and subtle hacker attacks is available to German speaking consumers.

According to Michael Kalinichenko, CEO of StarForce Technologies, the decision to localize SafeíníSec was made based on the deep knowledge of the European market and experience in communication with foreign partners. With more contracts signed, SafeíníSec will be localized on other European languages as well.

ĎThe product localization allows us to become closer to our clientsí, says Katherine Romanovskaya, the Head of Marketing Communications department.† ĎThis will help avoid misunderstanding and confusion caused by users reading technical description in a foreign language. Itís always preferable when a software program speaks his mother tongue to a userí.


February 28, 2005

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