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Denmark welcomes SafeíníSec

StarForce and its new partner JHD DATA to initiate sales of the behavior analyzer SafeíníSec in Denmark.

JHD DATA specializes in providing a broad range of IT services to corporate clients as well as individual users.† SafeíníSec is pinned hopes on to significantly reinforce the companyís position in the information security services sphere.

Currently, Jim Heller Damgaard, JHD DATA's CEO, is initiating a software company acquisition procedure, aimed at serving further realization of the companyís information security initiative. JHD DATA† intends to develop a solid base of comprehensive information security services to protect personal computers against electronic threats. Safe'n'Sec is now being considered for integration into a multi-echelon† protection suite, provided by JHD DATA.

The behavior analyzer Safe'n'Sec utilizes progressive Intrusion Prevention technology, featuring high performance functionality, yet available at a low price.


March 09, 2005

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