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About us

SafeíNíSec Corporation develops cutting edge information security solutions for home and business computer users and for ATMs, kiosks, POS systems and other unattended devices. Founded in 2006, the company has research and development facilities in Moscow, Russia, and commercial offices in Silicon Valley, California, along with distribution agreements in 16 additional markets around the world.

SafeíNíSec Corporation is a member of the PCI Security Standarts Council and serves on the Security Best Practices committee of the ATMIA.


To establish and assure system integrity across home computers, corporate networks, and unattended endpoints, enabling users to move beyond reliance on outdated signature-based security technologies.


SafeíNíSec Corporationís patent-pending V.I.P.O. (Valid Inside Permitted Operations) technology is derived from the principles of digital rights management and uses application launch and activity control to ensure system integrity. VIPO delivers high-efficiency, low-impact proactive protection against malware, insider threats, and confidential data leakage. This approach enables SafenSoft to deliver broad-spectrum protection without the need for frequent, cumbersome, and always out-of-date signature database updates.

SafeíNíSec Corporation History


This is the fifth time in a row that Ak Bars Bank passes its annual audit of the ATM and payment terminal network in accordance with PCI DSS requirements using SoftControl TPSecure. In 2014, Ak Bars Bank became the first bank in Russia and in the world to comply with PCI DSS v.3.0 requirements on their ATMs and payment terminals. It makes Ak Bars Bank the most progressive bank in Russia and in the world regarding security of payment card data on banking self-service terminals.

Three updates have been released in the SoftControl product range. It has become possible to include checksums of executable files into the whitelist of trusted processes from the server, in a centralized way. Now we have security profiles: you can manage activity control rules by putting them in logical groups. We have also optimized control over registry access operations, which significantly reduces the effect that implemented measures have on performance of the protected device.

We have released the new SoftControl DeCrypt module for encryption of ATM's hard disk. The module accounts for operating specifics of self-service devices: the key for decryption of the disk is bound to hardware characteristics of peripheral and special devices of the ATM and is not stored in TPM of the motherboard. This allows trusted computing of a self-service device without affecting operation of special electronics.


We have obtained FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) license that provides the rights to develop and produce the means for protection of confidential information. The projects on development of the SoftControl product range have been launched according to the requirements of FSTEC on protection of the critical information infrastructure.

Several Russian banks that are the SafenSoft TPSecure solutions users have successfully passed the info security checkups by The Central Bank. SafenSoft TPSecure allows the banks to be in compliance with the requirements of the Low 382-P concerning the network of the ATMs and POS machines.

Tinkoff Bank has successfully passed PCI DSS audit to protect its ATMs network using SoftControl TPSecure.

We have released four updates for our SoftControl product range. These updates implement one-time password keyboard control, improve defense from ďmalformed deviceĒ attacks, add more details to event logging, improve self-defense mechanisms, and fix exposures that were discovered in the process of collaboration with Digital Security and Positive Technologies.


StarForce Technologies has deployed a security system for the network of self-service banking devices based on the SoftControl TPSecure solution as part of the preparation to audit compliance with the requirements of the PCI DSS standard.

Successful implementation of the world's first project for the protection of self-service banking devices running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Based on the projectís results, the PCI DSS auditor issued a positive opinion on the implementation of the requirements of the Standard.

SoftControl protection tools successfully was deployed on the SCADA AWP at the enterprises of the fuel and energy sector. The users gave positive feedback on the results of proactive reflection of WannaCry, Petya and NotPetya attacks on critical infrastructures.

Four updates to the SoftControl product line were released. The new functionality of HID device monitoring was implemented. The details of event logs have was increased and the protocol of client-server interaction on narrow communication channels was optimized.

SafeíNíSec Corporation expanded the affiliate and distribution network in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe.


About a hundred pilot projects around the world have been launched.

Positive feedback was received from the auditors confirming the expediency of deploying SoftControl solutions to bring the end points of the network to the requirements of PCI DSS.

We released 4 updates for the SoftControl product line. The main improvements are the introduction of hierarchical management model and the expansion of the use of a single management server for outsourcing in processing centres with role-based management for involved bank services. RollBack, a unique product feature, allows to analyse penetration, even if the penetration means are equipped with self-destruct (self-erase) mechanisms, and to roll back the system to any point in time.

We initiated a joint promotion of the solutions, containing the AVIRA! SDK antivirus engine, to provide end-to-end security for ATMs and other self-service banking devices, workstations and servers.

The statuses of Platinum and Gold Certified Partner were confirmed by the active participants of the partnership program. The affiliate network is expanded around the world.

A number of specialized events were held for banks all over the world.


Release of TPS.Open Source, a unique solution to protect network end-points of different types (computers, ATMs, embedded systems) against hacker attacks and malicious actions of service personal.

SafenSoft suspended agreement with SNS Holding and signed a new distribution agreement with Protection Technology (StarForce).

More than 60 online and offline events were held for banks to tell about best practices for safe operation of ATMs and corporate infrastructure to prevent targeted attacks.

Together with partners SafenSoft participated in about 90 deployments. Expansion to Southeast Asia and Africa Ė 20 projects were started there. Networks of ATMs were modified to meet the demands of PCI DSS v. 3.0.

SoftControl released 3.11 version of its product line. This update increased the functionality of Enterprise to provide protection for end-points and servers.

The number of partners was increased in former USSR countries, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Participation in industry events as representatives of the PCI Security Standard Council and ATMIA Security Best Practice Committee.


The deployment of SoftControl product on the ATM network of AK BARS Bank helped the bank to start working in compliance with PCI DSS v3.0 Standard. The first in the world case when self-service network was brought into compliance with the new version of the Standard.

SoftControl released 3.9 and 3.10 versions of the product line on a new modular architecture. The centralized management functionality was expanded and improved.

SafenSoft successfully launched a new affiliate program in the CIS countries. More than 30 partners and specialists were trained and certified as "SafenSoft Certified Engineer" and "SafenSoft Product Specialist".

More than 60 deployments in Russian banks with the participation of partners.


SafenSoft company confirmes Microsoft partner status, having received competence Silver Application Development.

The new directions of TPSecure advancement opened in Middle East, Western Africa, Latin America.

The free beta version of SysWatch Personal 3.8 based on technology of pro-active protection is released.

Start of the joint promotion of TPSecure, containing Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK anti-virus on the markets of Latin America, with Kaspersky Lab.

The first contract for TPSecure delivery. The goal - protection of payment terminals and ATMs of the largest credit and financial cooperative of Ecuador, LatAm.

Prolonging the status of the active member of the organizations developing requirements and recommendations about safety in the payment cards and ATMs industry - PCI Security Standarts Council and ATMIA Security Best Practices Committee.


Realize product line for information security - SoftControl 3.7, which structure includes the updated and modified modules for all main solutions for information security.

SafenSoft gets the Silver status in the Microsoft Partner Network program and also achieves a Silver competence in ISV category (Independent Software Vendor).

SafenSoft gets FSTEC Russia certificate for activities of the development and production of confidential information protection products.

Successful testing of TPSecure continuous strong work into "Big Three"- manufacturers' ATMs.


TPSecure is noted by ITSec Award as an innovative product in the field of the information security at the exhibition "Infosecurity. Documetion. Cloud. Russia. 2011"


SoftControlís TPSecure ATM security solution is named one of the most innovative ideas in antimalware in the past ten years by delegates at the VB 2010 Conference.


Enterprise Suite is released, combining protection against malware and hacker attacks with data leak prevention and endpoint usage control. SafenSoft also introduces TPSecure, a unique approach to securing ATMs and other unattended devices developed in response to serious breaches experienced by several large financial institutions in Russia.


The unique, patent-pending VIPO (Valid Inside Permitted Operations) technology appears for the first time in SoftControlís home user solutions, enabling users to establish a clean baseline profile of their system and benefit from a flexible approach to system privilege controls to preserve system integrity.


SysWatch Personal is introduced under the name SafeíNíSec Pro, delivering for the first time effective, lightweight, proactive antimalware protection without the need for signature updates and performance-sapping scans. By the end of the year, a corporate endpoint product was also introduced under the name SafeíNíSec Enterprise Pro.


SafenSoft is formally established as a separate entity from Starforce. An early version of what would become SafeíNíSec Enterprise Pro (and eventually the Enterprise suite) was introduced at Softool Expo in Russia and Systems Expo in Munich, Germany. Entitled SafeíNíSec Timing, the software provided application activity and user action control for corporate networks and incorporated aspects of the Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) technology that was then becoming recognized as an effective approach to malware prevention.


Developers at SafenSoft sister company Starforce begin work on a new PC security solution envisioned as a real alternative to classic antivirus software, the viability of which was beginning to be in doubt with the increased use of the Internet as a primary infection vector. The developersí experience in digital rights management is the driving force behind this new approach, which focuses on how to establish and preserve the integrity of a system rather than how to identify and neutralize every individual threat that may attack a machine.

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