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Logical security RBS: past, present, future.

Denis Gasilin, Head of marketing, SafenSoft
Source: Banking technologies, ¹ 6 - 2013

Remote banking service is beneficial to all the participants of the credit and financial markets. Year after year customers of financial institutions are gaining more control over their accounts and organizations reduce the cost of maintenance of office and are able to offer customers additional services. But the explosive growth of such benefit not only banks and users of services but a third party - cyberhawks. Traditional security measures are not keeping pace with the market, so the damage from fraud DBS systems of our country is already about $ 100 million a year and by 2015 the total amount of losses could reach $ 171 million.

RBS can be divided into three types.

The initial spread of each new malware or modify old divergent attacked by organizations until the virus database updates each time causing the state that the usual system of protection based on the principle of action of the «black list», do not have sufficient capacity to meet the attacks at the RBS view. Cyber criminals are constantly improving their tools, and the only way out of the situation can be only protection based on proactive protection technologies and the principle of «white lists» that prevents unauthorized changes to the system, regardless of whether or not the executable code in the virus database.

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