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Interview with Michael Kalinichenko on the topic of it security market

Michael Kalinichenko, SafenSoft CEO
2011, June, 8

Michael Kalinichenko, General Director SafenSoft, agreed to answer questions and tell you about the information security market, its trends and company's place in it.

Hello. Recently the line of personal products was updated line, which carries in itself a number of serious changes and additions. Certainly, this not only allows users to increase the security of the computer, but for us as a company, is a serious step. Solutions SafenSoft seriously differ from the classical anti-viruses that used almost everywhere. This high-tech solutions based on in-house development company - technology V.I.P.O.. So our position on the market is a small flexible company producing niche solutions that focus on advanced user and corporate market.

Why is a such solution, not a classic antivirus?

In a greater degree, the decision to manufacture a product based on proactive protection technologies was dictated by the current situation in the world of information security. For anybody it’s not a secret that a signature antivirus remains effective against the massive threats (if we are talking about using antiviruses by a simple user), which in the current world today. If it comes to protection against the target of threats, use a zero-day vulnerability, it will go there at all signatures, their closing is an another question.

In fact, a situation is created in which you don’t allow all «bad», but initially only allow «good». And the growing number of threats is a proof.

What do vendors of signature antivirus, what are the prospects for the industry?

The reduced efficiency of the signatures in the fight against malicious programs is celebrated by all and therefore react to this in any way. Someone adds sandbox to the existing signature scanner, someone adds heuristic analyzers and so on. Unfortunately, however, these functions are still called «subsidiary protection», despite the fact that in modern conditions proactive protection should be the basis for security, but for signature scanners it's time to go on the plan and become the «second line of defense against malicious.

The last few months were marked by large-scale attacks on large companies - RSA Security, Lockheed-Martin, Sony...

These and similar events are confirms that cybercrime is a serious business. Unfortunately, those times when hacking and hacking did for fun is gone. Now the annual turnover of this business is comparable with the cost of «Yandex». Conclusions suggest themselves - must not remove the issue of security, hoping on the off chance. Practice shows that the victims of cybercrime sooner or later become all - from simple people, leading any online activity and to large corporations or even, as in the recent case of Karim Hijazi (Karim Hijazi), heads of information security companies.

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