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Safensoft: News & Events, 2018

2018 Jul, 09 

Protection Technology, Ltd. has Obtained FSTEC License

A FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) license for the development and production of the tools for protection of confidential information allows Protection Technology, Ltd. to expand its scope of activity on the domestic information security market and offer advanced ... Read more »

2018 Jun, 25 

SoftControl Update: A convenient and reliable way to protect your computer from malware

The complexity of targeted attacks have not changed in the last two decades. An attack is always a well-planned, professional operation. Although the attack techniques and methods can be fine-tuned, most damage always comes from the use of conventional intrusion and cracking tools. This means ... Read more »

2018 Apr, 26 

SoftControl 4.4.12 Update

SafeíNíSec Corporation (, the leader in development of software solutions to provide information security in banks and financial organizations, releases an update of the SoftControl system. The main target of this release is to improve usability and stability of the security ... Read more »

2018 Mar, 27 

The Central Bank warns: infecting the systems with malware is the main trend to organize cyber-attacks on banks

According to the Central Bank, cyber attackers started using sophisticated stealing schemes. To get into a bank infrastructure, they mostly use phishing emails; however, an insider attack is also possible. For example, a disgruntled employee from the IT department can bring an infected USB drive. ... Read more »

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