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"Best Performance" award in recent tests conducted by Hard`n`Soft magazine.

100% efficiency in AV Comparatives Single Product Review.

PC Magazine/Russian Edition makes special mention of Enterprise Suite as one of the best software of the "Russian Software: 2009" review.

Safe`n`Sec Personal won Silver Zero-day Protection Award from independent anti-malware Test Lab

5/5 award from PC Magazine/Russian Edition experts during laboratory tests.

"Panda Antivirus Pro 2009 + Safe`n`Sec 2009 Personal" – Best of the Month award from PC Magazine/Russian Edition.

SafenSoft Enterprise Suite, TPsecure and SysWatch Personal (the former Safe`n`Sec 2009) products are reviewed and recommended by independent anti-malware Test Lab

SafenSoft is an Intel Software Partner.

The testing laboratory of the CHIP online magazine in Germany has conducted a test of eight current antivirus tools working with behavioral detecting methods.

PC Welt online - German respected computer and technical resource - has conducted testing of Intrusion Protection 2007 Pro (Safe`n`Sec kernel inside) with an excellent result (Overall rating 1,6 which is "very good" result in German scale.


Centralized management and remote administration

All SoftControl’s corporate products include the server-based Service Center and Admin Explorer management console to handle remote deployment, endpoint configuration, incident and other event responses.


Centralized management and remote administration


Modules for centralized management and remote administration are included in:



Admin Explorer remote management console


The Admin Explorer remote management console can be launched from any workstation on the corporate networks without requiring local installation. The console can be used to handle remote deployment and endpoint configuration tasks as well as to receive alerts and handle incident management.


For SysWatch and TPSecure clients, the management console enables administrators to make decisions remotely regarding actions to be taken when incidents such as attempts to launch unknown applications or breach of security policy occur or to process incidents automatically.


If, for any reason, the remote client is stopped or there is an attempt to breach security policies, an alert is issued via the management console.


For DLP Guard clients, Admin Explorer ensures the prompt receipt of alerts and enables administrators to take action regarding policy violations, as well as supporting the viewing and capture of remote workstation displasy in real time as part of a forensic investigation.


The Admin Explorer module in the Enterprise Suite combines the capabilities of both SysWatch and DLP Guard clients.


Service Center


The main task of the Service Center is to collect information from the endpoints and distribute requests, including client configuration management and remote deployment. The Service Center server processes, stores, and modifies the information before sending it to the clients or to the management console.


SoftControl’s administration modules save time and support the security of your business IT infrastructure through:


  • Remote push or silent mode installation and uninstallation of the client
  • Ability to create custom installation packages including third-party software
  • Active Directory synchronization
  • Centralized management for client application parameters by creating group policies
  • Centralized client applications update
  • Centralized management for SoftControl product licenses
  • Checking and assignment of administrative rights
  • Remote decisions regarding client workstation incidents
  • Receipt of protection status notifications (heartbeats) for remote clients (to the management console or via email)
  • Receipt of security policy violation alerts (to the management console or via email)


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