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SysWatch Workstation
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Enterprise Suite PLUS
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"Best Performance" award in recent tests conducted by Hard`n`Soft magazine.

100% efficiency in AV Comparatives Single Product Review.

PC Magazine/Russian Edition makes special mention of Enterprise Suite as one of the best software of the "Russian Software: 2009" review.

Safe`n`Sec Personal won Silver Zero-day Protection Award from independent anti-malware Test Lab


SysWatch Workstation

SysWatch maintains the integrity of workstations without the need for continuous updates, effectively protecting against all kind of malicious software, hacker attacks, and unauthorized user actions. Centralized administration and endpoint protection policy management included.

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SysWatch Workstation takes a different approach to PC protection than traditional anti-malware, controlling application launch and activity to maintain system integrity, even trhough patching and update cycles.

SysWatch does not require regular signature updates, because the entire approach is based on preventing unauthorized access or change rather than identifying and then neutralizing individual threats. By controlling application activity, SysWatch prevents malicious code from activating on the system, effectively protecting endpoints from both known and unknown or zero-day threats.

Application launch and activity control keeps the system in a known-good state and effectively avoids the problem of false alarms that dogs traditional antimalware approaches.

Application activity rules can be adjusted as required to prevent data leaks or to manage the effective usage of employees time, for example, by preventing certain applications from running or restricting access to file system or external devices.

Why SysWatch Workstation?

Proactive protection against all types of malicious software and hacker attacks
Dynamic integrity control

Controls application launches, blocking the launch of hidden applications, and preventing new applications from launching until the administrator can determine whether the application should be permitted to run.

Dynamic sandbox

Unknown or potentially dangerous applications are launched in a limited user account or a sandbox , so they cannot affect other processes or the system itself. This method allows malicious activity to be blocked before patches or signature updates can be applied.

Application activity control

Controls how different applications can access files and folders, USB drives, registry keys, external devices, and network resources. User-driven rules can be created to control application activity.

Targeted software protection

Enables custom protection to be implemented for specific software in the following ways:

  • Application consistency control. Control over program code changes ensures that applications cannot be launched if the executable code has been modified.
  • Application executable code protection. Prevent executable modules from being modified by other applications.
  • Application data protection. Disable read/write access to application data files and registry keys for all other applications.

User activity control and data loss prevention

Cutting edge technologies

Easy to deploy and manage

Centralized management

More about Centralized management

Key features

System requirements

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