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Information security in private economic sector of Russia

Today in each government institution Ė in a scientific research institute, an enterprise of defensive sector, the Ministry or a department the bigger importance get the information threats circulated inside the company and also outside.

Malicious activity can be also carried out by the bank employees Ė insiders and by hackers and criminals, attacked the information environment of company distantly.

In first case you need the modern multifunctional protection from external threats and monitoring the integrity of data. Such a system of detection allows to resist the virus and hackers programs, also donít let the hackers in the information environment by blocking every illegal access.

In case of actions of employees you should have a such modern product in the information securityís sphere, which doesnít allow them to steal information, harm the functionality of the system. Itís not uncommon when dishonest commercial organizations trying to get a lucrative contract or the foreign structure wishing to obtain access to unique developments and technologies with the help of insiders extract important information from the state institutions, impressing by their competent staff. The competent staff downloads the documentation on the flash or CDs or transmit it by e-mail or print copies or put in file hosting service.

They often damage the information security if the bribe canít be. When the system of information security is ďfallenĒ temporary, the data can become available to threat, that it makes to work easier and guarantee impunity insiders.

Itís important to have a protection of internet threats, because the employee can download a malicious program from Internet unintentionally, donít realize that with one click of the mouse on the banner or link caused the damage to the enterprise as financial so image.

All these vectors are united by one thing. Today in Russian organizations, working in the private sector of economy of Russia, is very popular the system, which ensure the comprehensive information security at the enterprise.

A complex of solutions of the Russian manufacture, called the SoftControl, is a such system. A set of solutions of the SoftControl allows to provide such important parameters of the information security of the state enterprise as protection of external threats, Intenet threats, insiders, monitoring of integrity of data and applications, centralized management of information security, control for removable devices and media, monitoring the actions of employees, control of the spread of e - documents, protection of correspondence of the management of the company and the staff be e-mail, including the cases, when you need to be sure that the documents and the files are not sent anywhere.

Complex solutions for the information security of the government institutes SoftControl because of the proactive protection of the environment will provide the most complete combination of all critical elements of protection, that itís necessary in our days. All solutions are certified by FSTEK of Russian Federation and have the license of FSS of Russia.

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