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Content is a solution designed specifically for the electronic documents and digital content protection from copying, unauthorized access and usage.

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Content directly supports the protection of documents formats, pdf, ppt, pptx and html. In addition you can protect files and other popular formats such as doc, rtf, djvu, jpg, etc., transferring them to one of the supported formats.

Content makes it possible to solve the problem of information leakage, insider activities, preservation of authorship and confidentiality of documents. You have the ability to use the protected files to the destination safely, send them to customers, clients, partners, contractors and in the regional offices to use them freely, without fear that someone will use them for any personal or selfish purposes without your knowledge.

Content uses a system of analytical reporting on the use of materials. A person who wants to buy electronic protected material directs the Copyright Holder by the Internet (the product interface) request to activate download copyrighted material and makes a payment of activation. Only then Content provides download access to the material. All data on the payer and on the product that he has paid are registered in the reporting system.

Content is unique and represents a system of protection and a means of controlling the spread of protected material.

Features and Benefits:

  • Complete protection of electronic material from unauthorized opening, copying, and distribution
  • Anti-Print Screen and programs, "photographing" screen
  • Printing output control
  • Detailed statistics on the use and work with the protected materials
  • Ability to set restrictions on the use and handling of secure materials
  • Spread on any electronic media and on the internet

The effect of the integration:

  • Confidential materials are moved and stored securely
  • View protected content can only be one

1. How to protect the electronic document

Data protection

2. How to view a protected document

Document protection

Content can operate in two modes:

  1. In stand-alone mode - security server purchased by the customer and installed at the customer.
  2. In the cloud mode - purchased access to the server protection that is located remotely.

System requirements for the protection of documents

  • Access to the Internet
  • Browser

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